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How to backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud on iPhone/iPad?

I guess it’s WhatsApp era more than Facebook era. WhatsApp became “the need” to almost every Smartphone users around the globe. It’s still the hot selling paid app for iPhones and iPads. By the way – Now app is available on iTunes for free and the users can chat using the app for a year and then with $0.99 yearly subscription charges.

Whatsapp for iPhone


Now come to the point, just think, what if you need the important conversations done in your previous iphones or what if your phone stolen and you need that urgent WhatsApp message, that sent to you by your client? Don’t worry, as you have iCloud to store all your iPhone data, now you can save your WhatsApp chat messages as backup over iCloud. Just follow these simple steps to save message backups ad restore it from iCloud. Everything from your WhatsApp account will be stored in your iCloud account except Video files, which is excluded in order to save your Cloud space. Text messages, Audio files and photos can be backed up. Follow these procedures below to complete the task.

Note: The backup process will take some time depending on your internet connection speed.

  • Backup Process
  • Restore Process

There are 2 types of backup procedures available for this messenger- Manual and Automatic (Scheduled). Just go to Whatsapp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, there you have to tap on Backup Now button. To enable Auto backup you have to tap on Auto Backup button and change the backup frequency. This backup will be directly saved to your iCloud account storage space.


Requirements: There should be enough space on your iCloud account as well as iPhone/iPad. You must be signed-in to your iCoud account and Documents & Data option should be in ON mode.

Note: If you are concerned about your celular data charges, please disabe your iCloud syncing by going to iPhone Settings > iCoud > Documents & Data and disable Use celular data by turning it to OFF mode.

Restoring process will need the app to be deleted and re installed, whenever you want to restore from a backup. To restore, go to Whatsapp settings > Chat settings > Chat Backup. You can see the last backed up time and details there. Now, uninstall/delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store. Once after you verify your phone number, you will have to follow the on screen instructions to restore from the iCoud WhatsAp chat history backups.

Note: You can also restore your chat history, if you have already taken iPhone backup by using iTunes to your PC/Mac. Restoring iPhone app data will also restores your Whatsapp Chat History.

Now, you won’t like this post, but you will thank us personally once you face this necessary situation of Whatsapp. So, be ready for everything take backup immediately. Follow TND for more tech & gadgets tips, tricks and updates.

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