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AT&T Updates its GoPhone prepaid plans, effective on 25 April onwards

AT&T is playing aggressive not only in its postpaid plans, but also in their prepaid  GoPhone plans and the latest tactic is adding extra data and allowing customers to use the cell data to create WiFi hotspost without any additional charge.at&t-logo-building

Hence, beginning from April 25, AT&T’s $60 GoPhone plan will include additional 500MB data to bring total to 2.5GB per month, unlimited talk and WiFi hotspot capability, while the $40 plan will be including an extra 250MB data to bring the total to 500MB per month and 500 minutes of talk. The interesting part is, if you are already subscribed to these plans, then the company will upgrade your plans automatically.


AT&T even launches a new plan exclusively for Walmart customers and it will include 1GB data and unlimited talk for $45 per month. Enable WiFi hotspot feature only available for the $60 AT&T GoPhone plan. All the above three plans includes unlimited texts with free international texts to Mexico, Canada and over 100 select countries (see the list).

AT&T steadily improving its GoPhone plans and in May 2013, the company has added LTE services to GoPhone prepaid customers, marking it as biggest change till date. However, T-Mobile is also trying hard to bring more subscribers to its prepaid services by its bold ‘uncarrier‘ move.

This time, the ability to create WiFi hotspots will be an advantage to AT&T, while it would have even better if the carrier has enabled this feature for $45 and $40 plans too. Though, 500MB data in $40 plan could be wiped away in no time if WiFi hotspot created.

These changes not only appeals the users’ choice to stay with AT&T GoPhone plans, but also could bring some prepaid lovers from outside.

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