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Finally, Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ feature being rolled out in US

In between chatting on Facebook and making virtual friend, Facebook has now attempted to take the friendship at the next level by launching a new application called ‘Nearby Friends’, which will help you to interact with your friends and plan for a meet up if they come near to you, as you could see his/her location in the app and in map too.



Millions of users are interacting with Facebook for one or the other reason on daily basis. Although the company has spent millions dollars on upgrading its technology and applications but this time, the company has a new stock.  The debut feature called ‘Nearby Friends’ will be added in stock  soon so that Facebook friends can meet each in the physical proximity. With this interesting feature, the company has ensured the application to be perfectly working on all devices, such as Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android operating system.

How to get “Nearby Friends” in Facebook? Unfortunately, all Facebook users will not get the immediate access to this feature. This feature is currently, being rolled out in US. We expect the global release would start in May 2014.

For using this feature people need to check the “more” section at the bottom right corner of the application. This click will make them enable to see people’s city and neighborhood. One can also check the distance and the time spent by the person at the specific place. Customers will also get the options like making call to their friends and meet them if they wish. Off course, there are restrictions. For example, to interact with people on both side should have their apps turned on. Further one can also narrow it down their closest friend list.

Conversely, people will equally be able to check the friends who are traveling. The traveling feature will show people who are traveling or on holidays. Considering to privacy choice it is available to desired ones. For the business concerns this application will be fruitful in finding the potential customers and clients.

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