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Apple iPad sales figures declines as charts shows – end of the iPad craze?

Well, this is not appetizing news for people who are crazy about Apple’s product. Apple’s high selling product iPad has secured low sales figure in the first quarter of the year 2014.


Analysts said that the iPad sales expectations in the first quarter of this year was nearly around 19.3 million units, which represents 0.7 percent decline compared with the last year. Sales data has been flashed by the Fortune, a journal published a complete research analysis on the sales figure of iPad. The news says that the iPad units sold last year in the first quarter was averaged for professionals around 19.4 million, while the amateurs reached to 19.2 million units this year.

Since Apple iPad is among the popular devices in the company’s selling line, so the declining sales rate is not a healthy sign for its flagship and legacy. However, one should not be heart-broken on this as Apple has constantly been able to scoff its highly selling demands over the years and even in the last year it marked a growth rate of 55 percent. When inquired from Apple, it did not report much on the last quarter sales of the previous year and one will come about the facts after 23 April, on the reporting of the fiscal second quarter financial.

Reason of declining sales can be anything, but since the news has been made public, there are much hustle and bustle in the marketing strategy of post Steve job’s company. Researchers and analysts says that the reason may be due to  the new upcoming and upgraded cheap model of tablets. Let’s see what the CEO of the company has to say on this, stay tuned.

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