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Release date for Google Ara smart ‘modular’ phone fixed to Jan 2015

Google’s Project Ara modular phone will be available for consumers from January 2015 onwards, as the company announced at recently held Project Ara Developers Conference. By using a new dedicated web-tool, consumers could not only select components, but also could customize the colors and designs of the phone.



In the gamut of high niche and excellent smartphones, Google Ara is a new upcoming modular smartphone. Google Ara is an easily up gradable and economical handset  loaded with many competent features in the niche of smartphones. Announced at the Project Ara developers Conference, the phone is basically a detachable framework with multiple blocks and users can easily plug in and upgrade its bits and parts according their personal and professional needs.

The scope of Google Ara handset is immense. For example, customers who want to have high pixel camera in their handset can upgrade the select part and leave the remaining the part of their handset as it is. This is equally ludicrous for people who care about only a certain feature of their handset and are willing to one at an affordable range.

At the recent conferences and seminars, Google remarkably said that the company will be offering highly specialized and multi-performing blocks, for this unique upcoming handset. Exemplifying the outstanding merit of the phone, the CEO cited a demo of a block containing the blood sugar tester, proving this ideal for diabetes victims. So, people who are suffering from diabetes can go for the specific block. Similarly, it will possess a unique block specifically for business person, of medical utility, and who knows, it can even work excellently for the house-wives as well as children.

Definitely, with this augmenting announcement, people are desperately looking for the further advances in the matter. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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