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Toshiba unveils high-speed UHS-II microSD cards

Toshiba has just announced a breakthrough in memory card technology by releasing UHS-II standard microSD cards that could be used on tiny mirrorless cameras such as Samsung NX mini and Nikon J4 as well as on other electronic gadgets.


Till now, it was very easy to get the storage options with fast read/write capability, but there were no speedy storage options for these small mirrorless cameras as those devices uses microSD cards and there were no faster microSD cards available in the market until now.

Toshiba’s UHS-II microSD cards will write eight time faster and reads three times faster than its previous models. Available in 32GB and 64GB storage space, new UHS-II memory cards could be used on smartphones, tablets, camcorders, audio players, digital cameras and various other electronic gadgets.

Toshiba said that the 32GB cards (part no: THNSX032GAJCM4) has the maximum write speed of 130MB/s and read speed at 145MB/s, while the 64GB cards (part no: THNSX064GBK5M4) will have maximum write speed of 240MB/s and read speed at 260MB/s. This microSD card will also allow camcorders to capture high-quality 4K videos at constant minimum write speeds of 30MB/s.

Although the UHS-II standard microSD cards not available to normal consumers now, the company announced that the sample shipments for chipset vendors and gadgets manufacturers are available now. These high-speed memory cards could enter the market in few weeks.

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