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Report: Samsung lost the Apple patent Case in US

Apple has won the patent case over Samsung in US. I am talking about the case in which Apple had reported that Samsung has copied some of their trademark features in its mobile. This case was judged on several levels and now it’s time for segmented results. This decision was taken by US International Trade Commission (ITC) which found Samsung failed over two patent cases by Apple. ITC has further banned import of some of Samsung devices in America. It could be a real shock for Samsung after all US is a big market for their high end smartphones.



Talking about the patent case, Samsung spokesman Adam Yates said that of course company is disappointed about losing this patent case but it does not mean that they are going to shut their markets down. They will continue to launch their next flagships too. He further added that they will try their level best to convince ITC to let US import their smartphones.

In a response, Apple has said that Patent case is all about protecting real innovations from getting copied and they are happy with this fare judgement. If reports are to be believed then Apple may further ask ITC to ban all Samsung smartphones (launched after 2011) to get imported to US market. If it happens, then Samsung is really going to lose its major income source.

Now after losing the patent case in US, it would be interesting to notice Samsung’s moves. To compensate the loss, they might even scale their current price tags to high notes or they might even scale launch frequency to next level.

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