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Netflix now streams at 2.5Mbps speed on Comcast broadband in US

Although Netflix isn’t paying much attention on paying for ISPs, its streaming speeds on Comcast has jumped around 65 percent, after both has signed a successful deal.


Netflix has released rankings of United States Internet Service Provider for its streaming service, where Comcast has jumped to 5th position with 2.5Mbps streaming speed. However, before the agreement between Netflix and Comcast, the speed was lying around 1.15Mbps, where Comcast was in 10th place in January month’s rankings data.

The exact payable amount to Comcast hasn’t revealed yet, but Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast in February 2014 to get additional streaming speeds to its services under Comcast’s broadband network, via a multi-year deal.

Hence the deal proved to be a stepping stone for Netflix, the company is expected to sign similar agreements with other major cable companies too.

Few weeks ago, Netflix urged FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to expand net neutrality and companies’ methods of connecting to the internet. But FCC denied the request by Netflix, earlier this month. If FCC agreed to the Netflix’s call, then it wouldn’t have to pay cable and broadband companies for common internet speed or raised internet speed.

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