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Amazon to launch its own smartphone in July 2014, with 3D display

World’s largest online retailer, Amazon will be entering into the smartphone market to directly compete with Samsung, Apple, LG and others, by releasing its own handset in second half of this year.



The news came from The Wall Street Journal, which reported, citing anonymous sources, that Amazon demonstrated some prototype versions of the smartphones to developers in Seattle and San Francisco over the course of the past few weeks.

The report also suggests that the e-commerce powerhouse could launch the Amazon smartphone in July 2014 and shipping could begin by September 2014. When we contacted our inside source from Amazon, we have received the same information about the smartphone launch in July, this year.

To stand out of the other smartphone-makers, Amazon handset could bring a display screen that could display 3D images without the need of 3D glasses. There are no any details about the specifications of Amazon smartphone and its operating system. Most probably, the handset will be powered by Fire OS, a forked version of Android OS, as it did with Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

Meanwhile, Amazon is competing head to head with Apple in its homeland with 2 devices – Kindle Fire series of tablets against Apple iPad and Amazon Fire TV against Apple TV. The latter one is a video streaming set-top box with additional remote controller, being sold for $99.

Amazon’s own smartphone is not a new news, the rumors and speculations of the same has surfaced long ago, when it first launched the Kindle e-reader. Recent rumors suggested that the company could launch the smartphone for free (with or without the contract), but Amazon denied the rumors.

If the device enters the market in September month, then Apple’s iPhone 6 could have to face a new competitor, certainly, with a lower price tag. Stay tuned for more updates on this story. Please post your valuable opinions in the comments field below.

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