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ASUS Building the new Galaxy Nexus 10″ tablet

Hello Readers AS all of your are seeing that Google Started to refresh the line of its Nexus devices with an upgrade for all of its phones & tablets. As you all seen the New Nexus 7 has a lot more interesting features now we have a good news for the users who love 10″ tablets. Geek.com which is successfully predicted about Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google play edition Devices. Now came with a rumor That Google and ASUS are making the new Google Nexus 10. The previous Generation Galaxy Nexus 10 was released in the partnership of Google & Samsung. Now Google teamed up with ASUS which also Makes the Nexus 7 tablets. If you think we are just fooling you with a bunch of news to attract visitors here is the proof for you.



You can clearly see details in the photo that ASUS has made Nexus 10.  I think there is Good relation between ASUS & Google and We have seen some Extraordinary Tablets like Nexus 7 Which was huge  Success and almost every one wanted to own one.  Samsung and Google had produced Nexus 10 with the Highest Display resolution & PPI on Earth as they announced. Now Google Joined its hands with ASUS to produce Nexus 10 Lets wait till the release of the device to know what the device is capable of  Lets wait and watch.


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