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Amazon Dash Stick unveiled for AmazonFresh customers for easy ordering

It’s not a week since it launched $99 Fire TV media streaming device, Amazon has unveiled Amazon Dash, a new barcode scanner for its customers to make the purchase easier.



Amazon has opened a separate webpage for Amazon Dash promotion, where you could signup to get a free dash. Actually, Amazon is sending invitations (10 digit code) to its premium customers so that they could grab it before everyone else for free. Once you receive the 10 digit code from the company, then you have to fill some info on this link.

Amazon Dash is a 6-inch stick with a WiFi connection and a built-in microphone through which, you could speak your order or scan item barcodes that connect with your smartphones or computer via WiFi and stacks up the items for purchase on your display.

Meanwhile, some of these features are already available on Amazon’s smartphone app. But, the Dash stick could be much easier than the smartphone applications. The usage and ordering is so easy that even your kids can order the items via Dash, though you have to confirm the orders on you web account or smartphone app.

According to the company, you could order over 5,000 items via Amazon Dash stick, but as of now, it has only linked it with AmazonFresh same-day delivery service. That means, only the users who live in Washington and California could have the early access to these sticks.


From its recent moves, it seems that Amazon is not only interested to launch new consumer gadgets, but it has its own plans to scale its online retailing business much higher by releasing devices that helps users to shop easily. For example, its Fire TV not only entertains the user, but also they can shop online via the streaming device. Even the company has a plan to launch its air delivery drones for faster shipping of items to users.

Demo video of Amazon Dash:

Although the stick could be used to buy groceries, the idea behind launching this device is mind blowing. Did you get it? Share your opinions with us in the comments field below.

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