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Google updates Android developers program policy to tackle shady app behaviours

In its continuing effort to keep the Play Store and its Android applications clean and productive, Google has revised the developer program policies.

android-evil-spyGoogle’s move of issuing new rules came after the growing numbers of low quality apps, which brings pop-up ads to spoof a service, app notification or service by forcing the users to click it.

The new policy suggests the developers how should their app behave when using advertisements to earn some income from them. Apps with promotion and install tactics along with unsolicited SMS sending apps will be cracked down, while the auto redirection to downloads and Play store without the users interest will also comes under scanner.

As of now, many developers on Android and iOS are taking advantage of the tricky ads and SMS functionality to take advantage to earn more income through them via viral campaigns. However, Apple has recently insisted strict policies on iOS developers to tackle these nefarious developers.

Some other key changes to the policy includes those referring to sexually explicit contents and banning of dangerous products. Google says, “Apps that contain or promote pornography are prohibited; this includes sexually explicit or erotic content, icons, titles or descriptions.” So, the developers can’t use “erotic content” to promote pornography.

Most importantly, the new rule also forces the advertisers to clarify the users about their in-app purchase options, roadmaps and when-and-hows. Google gives a 15-day grace period to those developers who break the rules, before banning their apps. Meanwhile, the genius minds are searching for other workarounds to lure in more money to their pocket.

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