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Roku announced 3500R streaming stick for $49.99 with remote controller

Video on-demand streaming service provider Roku has officially announced its 3500R streaming stick for $50, which directly compete with $35 Google’s Chromecast, but the extra $15 you pay for the Roku stick will give you couple of things the Chromecast doesn’t have.



Roku’s streaming stick comes with a remote controller that allows users to select and play any videos and other sections remotely, instead of look down on smartphone. Most importantly, the remote controller also has a built-in RF technology that will allow you to use the remote o any direction, instead of pointing it to the TV screen.

You can plug the Roku streaming stick into the HDTV to watch any of the 1,200 channel applications available inside the stick and you could also watch all those videos on 1080p Full HD streaming via HDMI too. For internet connectivity, the device also supports the dual-band WiFi network.

Some of the popular channel apps on Roku 3500R streaming stick are – Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Showtime Anytime, VUDU, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV and many more. You could also stream your personal media, YouTube videos or Netflix TV shows from your mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) to your TV via Roku’s own application.

As of now, Roku 3500R streaming stick is available on their own online store and you could also buy from Amazon online store, right here.

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