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Windows Phone gets official Facebook Messenger app, finally

A good news for Windows Phone users as Facebook messenger app is now available on Microsoft’s mobile platform and even Microsoft has officially confirmed the availability.

In the pre-MWC press conference, Microsoft said that the company is trying hard to decrease the application gap between Windows Phone platform and its rival platforms. Microsoft also announced that the messenger app of world’s largest social network will be available soon.


Now that Facebook Messenger app is available for the Windows Phone, where the same was mad available for iOS and Android platforms 2 years ago. You can download the application for your WP handsets from this link. As of now, if you search for the Facebook Messenger app in the store, you will end up downloading the third-party applications, instead of the original one.

The new application for Windows Phone OS has no option to make voice calls or to record voice messages, but it has the stickers that can be found in iOS and Android apps.

Meanwhile, Facebook has stopped support for the same application on Desktop operating systems as well as browser-based messengers and revealed that the Facebook Messenger for Firefox browser will stop working on and after March 3, 2014. That means, Facebook is looking for more mobile conversations than the desktop and it knows that mobile platforms are the future, not the traditional desktops.

Microsoft has to close the app gaps with the rival app stores, because unavailability of important applications and quantity of applications stopped many brands to launch their handsets to the market with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. As of now, the hot apps are not being launched to the WP Store along with the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Being the third-largest mobile OS platform, Microsoft has many challenges ahead.

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