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Today is WhatsApp’s 5th birthday, voice calls coming soon

whatsapp-facebook-dealWe all know that the mobile messaging service WhatsApp has been acquired by the mighty Facebook for $19 billion and today the CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum revealed that the voice communication will be added to the service.

WhatsApp was founded in 24th February 2009 and today marks its 5th successful year in the market and it achieved more than what a 15 year old companies dreaming today.


At MWC 2014 Barcelona event, Jan Koum said that the WhatsApp now has 465 million active users with 330 million daily users and Facebook would be interested in adding the voice communication to the service soon. However, the exact way of the voice communication is not yet revealed, that could also be the simple voice calling feature or something unique.

If the voice calls added to the WhatsApp, then the Facebook owned messenger service will be competing directly against the similar services such as Line, KakaoTalk and BBM messengers. Meanwhile, with 55 million users in Korea, KakaoTalk messenger is the most popular messaging service that also overtook Facebook as the default mobile texting platform in the country. Globally, KakaoTalk has over 130 million users and now Kaum said that WhatsApp will also expand to Korea with the voice communication feature.

WhatsApp’s iOS and Android apps will get the voice feature first, while some of the Nokia and BlackBerry handsets will get the feature later. According to Kaum, the voice calling feature was decided and being developed by the engineers long before the acquisition announcement by Facebook and he also noted that WhatsApp will not use a penny for marketing itself. What is your view on the new move by the popular messaging service? Will Facebook benefit from this $19 billion deal?

[ Via: TechCrunch ]

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