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LG to unveil L40, L70, L90 (L Series III) Android KitKat phones at MWC 2014

LG has announced that it will not only bring the high-end G Pro 2 smartphones, but also the series of affordable smartphones to the Barcelona’s MWC 2014 event to be held on Feb 24.



LG will unveil the L Series III smartphones for budget-conscious consumers at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, that includes a 4.7-inch L90, 4.5-inch L70 and a 3.5-inch L40. All these devices are the successor to LG’s L Series II handsets in terms of the hardware and specifications.

LG has refreshed the design of the new affordable smartphones and powered them with the faster 1.2GHz dual-core processors. LG L70 and L90 will have 1GB of RAM, while the entry-level L40 will have 512MB of RAM. All these handset will come to the market pre-loaded with Google’s latest Android 4.4 KitKat mobile operating system.

The popular Quick Window covers, which was only coming with the high-end LG smartphones will now supports these L series  III handsets too. LG’s Quick Windows cover helps the users to check incoming call, music player, alarm clock, text messages and notifications without opening the cover to expose the whole screen.

LG hasn’t revealed the price and availability details yet. LG said that the device will be globally sold in first quarter, that means by March 2014. As the company said that these handsets are for 3G networks and below, don’t expect these affordable-range of handsets to reach United States anytime soon.

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