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Joining the carrier price war, Verizon Wireless introduced new competitive plans

verizon-wireless-store-front.topVerizon Wireless has bowed down to T-Mobile and AT&T’s heavy competitive pressure and announced that it will double the monthly data allowance, unlimited international text messaging, 25GB of free cloud storage and more bandwidth under “MORE Everything” plan and some of these features under existing plans.

Verizon introduced the new plans on Thursday and the new MORE Everything plan is offered to the carrier’s Edge monthly installment plan subscribers too. If a customer want the 8GB data per month, then $10 will be deducted from his/her monthly charge, where he/she have to pay $20 for 10GB+ data package.


Apart from the introduction of “MORE Everything” plan, Verizon Wireless also offers some new plans that includes discounted plans for single users and a 3GB, $100 data plan and both these plans falls under a two-years’ contract. Old plans’ data limit has been increased to bring in budget-conscious consumers to the network.

This is the first major price and plan change introduced by Verizon Wireless in 2 years as the competition from other major national carriers increased in recent months. Even the AT&T and Sprint has already announced the major price cuts in their respective “Family Plans,” this month.

Verizon not only introduced the new plans, but also provided some important instructions to easily switch/upgrade the smartphones.

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