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Mozilla to bring sponsored contents within Firefox for new users

Mozilla plans to introduce a new form of advertisements in their Firefox browser to help keep the future fiscally better for the open source community.



Termed as Sponsored contents, the adverts will not show up on any pages you view. Instead, Mozilla will be adding the sponsored content inside those 9 tiles called as “Directory Tiles,” which will show up when you open a new tab.

Darren Herman, VP of Content Services at Mozilla said in the blog post that the initial adverts will be targeted at new users and the initial experience of using the browser. That means, instead of showing up the blank tiles for the new users, Firefox will show the sponsored websites along with some good suggestions.

Herman wrote the following in the blog post:

Directory Tiles will instead suggest pre-packaged content for first-time users. Some of these tile placements will be from the Mozilla ecosystem, some will be popular websites in a given geographic location, and some will be sponsored content from hand-picked partners to help support Mozilla’s pursuit of our mission. The sponsored tiles will be clearly labeled as such, while still leading to content we think users will enjoy.

Hence, if a beginner user becomes a matured Firefox user, then the Directory Tiles will be filled with his/her own contents such as recently visited webpages or most frequently visited websites.

Mozilla is exploring a different way of generating revenue, as it’s now heavily relied on Google’s revenue via search royalties. If Mozilla finds this sponsored content as a good alternative to that of existing option, then Mozilla will look at a new revenue stream within the Firefox browser, that too without interfering the user experience.

The exact date of the launch of new adverts is not revealed yet, but the company could finalize the revenue generating method before November 2014, as the current deal of Google search royalty will be expiring in the same month. On another side, Google is pushing its own Chrome browser to people and Mozilla is preparing for an alternate solution, without depending on Google.

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