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Bose unveils $299 SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III for mobiles and tablets

Bose, one of the world’s best sound system companies has unveiled its SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III with enhanced sound quality, refreshed design and improved battery power.

Bose has added SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III, a new sound system to its SoundLink lineup of powerful, Bluetooth enabled portable speakers on Thursday “for seamless wireless audio experience.” With the price tag of $299, the new speaker comes with a completely new compact design to easily carry and with a powerful battery, that could play for 14 hours with a single charge.


The company said in the press release (check “via” link after the break) that the new speaker is made using 4 neodymium transducers and dual-opposing passive radiators combine with a new digital signal processing algorithm and improved electronics to play louder than their own 2nd generation speaker and the new speaker also balances the natural sound at higher volumes too.

The thinner design avoids the use of any kind of stands, while the silicon button panel helps as dirt and dust proof. The speaker is covered by metal grille to avoid fingerprints. The company sells covers in 5 different colors – pink, orange, green, blue and gray for additional $35.

With 5-inch x 10-inch x 2-inch dimensions, the speaker weighs 3 pounds, that includes a lithium-ion battery. However, users could also go for the popular SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker for $199, which gives 7 hours of battery life in a single charge and it’s really a “mini,” compared to the new SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III.

Bose also provides the installment option with “zero percent” interest and the device will be shipped within 1-2 business days, according to their sales page.

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