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Play retro games with $70 Innex Super Retro Trio console

Pomona California-based gaming toys and accessories manufacturer, Innex has unveiled Super Retro Trio, a new gaming console  for retro game lovers with affordable price tag of $70.

The company already begun to take pre-orders of the consoles, while the device will be start shipping from March onwards. With the compatibility of NEW, SNES and Genesis games, the Super Retro Trio can be used to play the legendary retro games such as Super Mario Bros, Super Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog by connecting the device to any of your latest TV sets.


The Innex gaming console comes with 2 SNES KIND OF 16bit controllers with the power adaptor and SAV cables. If you want to use the Super Game Boy support on the device, then you have to pay additional $45 for a link cable to connect up to 3 Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP systems, allowing 4-way gaming. The device also supports your old NES, SNES or Genesis gaming controllers.

Although, the Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles provides the opportunity to play the retro games in it, you don’t want to go for a brand new pricey console for this purpose. The modern look with retro aesthetic along with the pocket-friendly price tag makes this console stand apart from all others. If you want to have one of these consoles for gaming or for collection, head over to the source (2) link.


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