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Iridium Satellite WiFi hotspot to provide internet every corner of the earth

You don’t have to worry about the mobile connection for data and voice at highest mountains, middle of a sea or very rural place on earth where mobile towers doesn’t exists as Iridium (a satellite communication firm) has a mini device to give you Internet connectivity as well as voice, SMS and GPS tracking solution.



Iridium GO is the new device, which will act as a global smartphone access medium by providing almost everything a smartphone need such as WiFi hotspot for data, voice and SMS. Everything will reach directly to sky, where the satellite hub resides and nothing to worry about nonexistence of mobile towers.

With the 4.5-inch x 3.25-inch x 1.25-inch dimensions, the device wouldn’t be pocket friendly, but off course bag-friendly! The device will connect Iridium’s satellite for network and provides the service to users with its analog modem technology, which were found few years ago on landline modems for voice and data.

Sad part is the speed, where the company said that the device will transfer around 20kbps of data but this sow data transfer could be a life saver for many, where absolutely nothing exists. The company also provides their own email application for efficient data transmission by compressing the emails, which could help the user to send up to 20 text emails per minute. Something is better than Nothing!

The Iridium Go device will be priced at $800 and separate data rates, which will vary depending on the company’s airtime plan. Data plans could also come with approximately $1 per minute on prepaid plans depending on the package.

The company has expected to launch the Iridium Go hotspot devices in the second quarter (April – June), while the company has plans to launch the Iridium Next satellite hotspots with faster data transfer rates up to 1.5mbps in 2015. You could learn more from their official page – URL added in the source link below.

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