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Verizon launches new NFL Mobile App

If you are having Verizon as your mobile operator and if you like to watch the matches on your mobile phone then there is a good news for you as Verizon has launched a new NFL mobile app with a lot of exciting features. The app will also be available to other carriers but there will be only one limitation and that is that they won’t be having access to live matches anyhow. The plan for watching the live games is $5 monthly and those who are paying this money will be able to see matches on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights.



If you are using other operator like AT&T or T mobile you won’t be able to get features like live match coverage, highlights moreover there is no particular app for NFL which will provide all the things required. Verizon and NFL teamed up so that they were able to launch one app which included all the features and acted as ones stop for the sports lovers.

NFL is aiming to concentrate on mobile users as per the last year’s stats it was seen that the traffic which NFL coverage received through smartphones was much more than they received from desktop or laptops.

So Verizon and NFL are thinking to bring much more exciting features so that they can put the limit of live streaming much ahead and all the sports lovers can enjoy the experience from their smartphones only. We hope to see new updates regarding the app from Verizon and NFL.

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