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Mini-games for Google Glass unveiled, to be released in late-2014

The first set of mini-games for Google Glass has been unveiled by Google Glass developers and is likely to be released by the end of this year.



In a move to motivate developers and to bring in more games for the wearable device, the company released five mini-games which include Fruit Ninja Clone, Balance, Clay Shooter, Tennis and Matcher. The games have been developed in such a way that it utilizes the device’s voice-activation commands and sensors for gameplay.

“With tons of tiny sensors and a screen that fits neatly above the eye, Glass is an exiting new place to play,” said the developers blog.

The Tennis game uses head movements and hand-eye movements to swat a flying ball or to keep a pile of blocks from falling over. Clay Shooter uses voice commands like “pull” and “bang” to shoot targets and the user can adjust the level of voice while playing. Shape Slitter uses hand movements to slice shapes that fly in mid-air while Matcher is a puzzle-based card game which follows the user’s head position to match the cards.

“Each game is visually simple and straighforward to play,” said Google.


However Google was not the first to develop games for the device as a multi-player battle ship game, ‘GlassBattle’ was developed by BrickSimple and AMA’s ‘Escape’. Google had also recently announced that prescription versions of the Glass would enter the marke through its Titanium Collection.

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