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Apple iOS 7 Beta 5 Brings Lot of Improvements

Hello guys I think you all iPhone lovers are enjoying the Beta updates of iOS 7 and recently Apple has released Beta Update 5 after 8 days of Release of Beta Update 4. Are you thinking to try and before giving it a try do you thinking what are the differences Between Beta 4 & 5 update. We  are here to keep you upto date about features. As for now The Changes we noticed are a Revamped Setting layout and a Settings Icons have colored icon which are changes apart from them Apple had added a setting that whether you want to control the control centre whether you want to control the control centre within the apps or This setting helps you to do it. ios7b5-settings-620x549 (1) ios7b5-settings-620x549ios7b5-control-center-500x614

As there also some changes to the boot screen also The iPhone 5 users will notice that the boot scrren will be black for black iPhone 5 and white for the white one. In call buttons also changed have a look at it



Additional features in iOS 7 beta 5 will be added here as they are discovered. Apple is likely to continue pushing regular updates for iOS 7, bringing minor performance boosts and changes ahead of the operating system’s public release.


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