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Intel will be killing AppUp online app store on 11 March 2014

Intel has learned the shifting of the market and consumer needs and finally decided to shut down its online application store AppUp, which was originally designed for PC devices.

intel-appupAlthough, the company had the plan to expand the AppUp online app store to smartphone and TV devices, which uses the Intel processors, but the company seems to be not interested to “KeepUp” with the AppUp!


First launched in 2010, Intel’s venture capital division announced a $100 million fund in 2011 to invest in companies that developing apps and digital contents for computers and mobile devices. As the consumer market is shifting towards a new kind of “smart” market emerged, Intel decided to leave the idea and move on to focus more on cloud services for developers, operators and enterprise.

According to the brief message posted on its AppUp website’s landing page, the AppUp center will be permanently killed on 11th March 2014. That means, the apps might be there, but there will be no ongoing activities such as notifications, no new contents or apps for download and no updates for previous apps. Intel also said that some apps has a special tech to protect itself from being duplicated or pirated and those apps will work until May 15th 2015, until the user has the latest AppUp software installed in his/her computer.

If you have paid anything for the applications, you will get your money via refund and the process will begun already on January 28th and it will be continued throughout this year end – until 19th December 2014.

[ Source: Intel AppUp Center ]

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