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Facebook launches a separate social news aggregating app “Paper,” to launch on February 3rd

Facebook will be launching its news aggregation apps for smart devices on February 3, which will be fighting as a stand-alone app against the current popular news apps such as Flipboard, Google Currents and LinkedIn’s own Pulse.

facebook-paperFacebook calls it “Paper” and said that the application’s full-screen layout will not distract the readers, which will also separates the regular Facebook news feed.


Users will be given the option to curate their own interested categories such as technology, science, sports, food, photography and many others. Facebook also promised that the feed will not be filled with the unnecessary junks, rather it will be featuring the news from reputed sites as well as “emerging voices.”

The users will be interfacing with the app by swiping to move to the next news and flipping up or down for next pages, which is the combination of Flipboard and Pulse. It will also comes with the tilting feature to come with the app and users can arch across the panoromic images.

Facebook will be launching this “Paper” application on February 3rd, while the company’s Creative Labs department will be building one app at a time to lure in more mobile users, instead of building every features into one single app. You could learn more about the Facebook Paper from the official webpage.

Facebook Paper Intro Video:

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