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Revamped Flipboard app for iOS and Android gets new look and features

Flipboard released an update to its iOS and Android applications, which adds a new look and feel for cover stories with some new features that learns itself from the users reading behavior.



The updated app has story groups on top of each page and a full feed of a story can be accessed by tapping “More..” link at the end of a page. Another new feature is the option to “flip” to a magazine after the URL is copied in the device’s clipboard. Cover stories also have the ability to learn your apps usage and would feature the content which the user is interested in.

The new update allows the user to “add bookmarks to your Safari Reading List as you browse articles in Flipboard,” as mentioned in release notes. Stories are well organized with articles grouped into topics. Flipboard utilizes an algorithm similar to Facebook’s News feed that allows the  apps to deliver a “super condensed” view of the subscriptions.

Users can “catch up with the highlights” and discover new stories that they find interesting. The app features the “Flips by Friends” feature that generates stories that are shared by friends on Facebook or Twitter allowing users to discover new content.

Flipboard has released the update for iOS and Android devices currently. Blackberry and Windows devices would receive the update in the future. However not all the users might receive an update immediately as the company stated that it is considering a “slow rollout” to make sure the app performs up to the expectations.

In early-November last year, Flipboard updated its iOS app with faster user interface and onscreen alerts and bug fixes.

Watch the preview of the new  Cover stories experience :

[ Source: Flipboard ]

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