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BlackBerry OS updates to OS 10.2.1 with latest generation features

BlackBerry has updated its one year old BlackBerry OS 10 with the OS 10.2.1 update with loads of new features along with the refreshed user interface for new handsets.



Although the launch of an update to the OS couldn’t lure in the Android and iOS users, but the update will be satisfying those users who still are loyal to the BlackBerry smartphones despite the increasing market share of Apple, Samsung and Google.

Regarding the new features, the update brings the Hub, which will show the users all notification from each and every apps such as email, social media or text messages. Even the user can filter the notifications to get the important one first. Users can swipe left to receive the incoming call, while the right swipe will drop it or to send an automated text message, if configured, that’s somewhat similar to what the iOS 7 devices have got after the September 2013 update.

Offline browser to read cached web contents and the automatic unlock of the built-in FM radio of latest smartphones such as Z30, Z10 and Z5 to enable the music on the go.

The struggling BlackBerry has lost millions of users in recent years and once the world leader is going further down in the rankings with 0.4% in U.S. and stands at 1.5% at key European countries in past 12 months. We know that the company is currently focused on the mid-level handsets by providing the manufacturing contract to Foxconn to produce low cost devices. These handsets might be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, MWC 2014 event. Let’s see, how the company planned to reverse its fortune.

[ Source: BlackBerry Insider ]

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