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Microsoft’s Skydrive rechristened as Onedrive

Microsoft has announced that the company’s cloud storage service will renamed as OneDrive, following the six month old agreement with the Sky Broadcasting Group, which holds a Britain trademark for the name “SkyDrive.”


On Monday, the company announced the new name and mentioned that OneDrive conveyed the mission of the service by letting users to access files from any number of devices by storing them in one location. Last July, a legal dispute with UK-based Sky Broadcasting Group caused the company to consider a name change.

Customers who plan to purchase Microsoft’s Surface tablet would get 200GB of storage on SkyDrive for 2 years. “We believe the new OneDrive name conveys the value we can deliver for you abd best represents our vision for the future,” said Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s general manager in a blog post.

However, Microsoft has notified “soon” for the transition to OneDrive with SkyDrive products retaining their names and domains. The OneDrive.com opens into a preview site which asks for an email  sign-up to notify when the service becomes active. Windows 8.1 added new features to SkyDrive like storing documents in the cloud storage with the ability to view the files as local files. Office documents which faced minuscule lags in Windows 8 has been fixed to an extent.

According to the agreement Microsoft was given reasonable amount of time for an “orderly transition” to a new brand. However, Microsoft hasn’t announced the date when the OneDrive brand  would replace SkyDrive completely.

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