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South Korea bans non-removable smartphone bloatware, starting from April

android-bloatwareSmartphone users in South Korea could free up their device by removing the bloatware installed by their carrier, smartphone-maker and operating system makers.

The Korean government has ruled out a new guidelines under Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, where it banned the non-removable smartphone bloatware and unnecessary apps pre-installed by the device makers.


In a press release, the Ministry said,

“The move aims to rectify an abnormal practice that causes inconvenience to smartphone users and causes unfair competition among industry players.”

Currently, every smartphones comes with the pre-loaded apps, that couldn’t be uninstalled, hence eating up storage as well as memory of the device and causing the inconvenience to the smartphone users. South Korea, became the first to release the new guidelines to ban the non-removable bloatware on devices.

For example, South Korea Telecom’s Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a whopping 80 pre-installed apps and that includes telco’s 25 apps, Google’s 16 apps and Samsung’s majority of 39 apps. If the new rules and guidelines passed in coming April month, more than 50 percent of these apps can be uninstalled to free up the space as well as the memory.

Not only the South Korean Ministry is the hater of bloatware, but also millions of smartphone users hate these non-removable apps and they deal with the device by rooting and flashing custom Android ROMs on it. Don’t you feel the similar rules should be passed all around the world?

[ Source: MSIP Korea ] [Via: hexus ]

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