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LG confirmed the G Pro 2 and releasing in February, most likely at MWC 2014

Korean electronics and smartphone-maker, LG has confirmed the LG Optimus G Pro successor named as the G Pro 2, which will be launching in February month, most likely to be announced at the Barcelona MWC 2014 event.

lg-g2-smartphoneRecent rumors already suggested that the LG will be launching the Optimus G Pro 2 at Mobile World Congress event, where LG G2 successor, LG G3 expected to come in May 2014.


Meanwhile, LG hasn’t used the word “Optimus” while revealing the next-gen smartphone name, that means this handset will be joining the recent high-end “G lineup” of devices as it never used the Optimus moniker in G2. In addition, LG said that all three of its G models (G, G2, G Pro) exceeds the 1 million domestic sales mark.

No words spoken regarding the price and specifications of the device, which made the waiting for device much interesting to consumers. Last year, LG used the similar tactic to announce the LG G2 smartphone by unveiling the name first. Could LG make any magic via new handset release? Stay tuned for more updates on the LG smartphones.

[ Source: LG Korea ]

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