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New Apple TV with”revamped operating system” coming in 2014

Apple is likely to release the updated version of the TV set-top box, Apple TV during the first half of 2014 and the device is in testing phase, as of now.

Apple TVAccording to the report, the product is undergoing testing and would be out by the first half of the year. However the report did not mention about the much awaited and rumored Apple TV which the company declined to comment.The new Apple TV claims to have a “revamped operating system” and would also include new types of content, the report said. The new software have a version of the app store which will provide apps from third-party developers.

An iLounge report has also mentioned that the new Apple TV will feature updated gaming support thus allowing games to be directly downloaded to the set without having to go though an Apple device with Bluetooth controller support. However it is unclear on Apple’s inclusion of motion related products for the TV product.

While Apple has been focusing on developing a unique Apple TV, the company inability to forge partnerships with movie and television companies can hinder the overall experience. Users may also not find much of a difference between the past and current models of the devices.

From the reports it can be ascertained that the updated software would be compatible with  the current version of the set-top box via software updates. Reports suggest that Apple is likely to ship the new set-top box in the first half of the year and iLounge expects the arrival of new software by March.

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