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Google Search shows more Knowledge Graph info in results page

Google has made a change to the way it presents the search results in its Google Search engine, where it shows some more information on the sites users going to click on.



Google always changes its features to its search product, but this time it hasn’t unveiled the Penguin or Panda algorithms. The additional information you were getting thanks to Knowledge Graph) while entering some popular website’s domain name or other keywords at the right side of the search results page is now moved to a separate dropdown-type of link on every search results and clicking on them will reveal more details of those websites.

You could see the example provided by Google in its official announcement at Inside Search Blog. From the example, you could see that additional link below the title and when you click on the link, you will be getting a small popup to sow additional information about the website. However, when we cross checked with few other keywords, the search results shows the pages and posts on many popular social networks such as LinkedIn and Quora with those social networks’ information at the extra link.

Currently, this feature has been enabled for those Google Search users, who browse on desktop browsers. Meanwhile, we can see the roll out has been done to only Google.com domain and the search results at India, Australia, Japan and U.K is not yet updated with new feature. Moreover, the additional information pulled from Knowledge Graph is still available at the right side of the search results for major places, things and for important keywords – for example, search “national geographic”. Stay tuned for more updates.

[ Source: Google Inside Search ]

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