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Woman pays for Apple iPhones, receives fruits

In a bizarre incident, an Australian woman got duped by an online store that promised her of selling original Apple products. The incident took place when a 21 year old Australian woman registered as well as posted an ad on an online store called Gumtree. In the ad, she clearly mentioned that she wanted to purchase Apple Smartphones and asked people if anyone wanted to sell their Apple smart phones. This 21 year old woman was later contacted by another woman who said that she wanted to sell two of her apples. However, the two women met in a local restaurant for the sale to take place. After paying an amount of $1200, the woman took the two boxes with her without even checking the contents. After reaching her place, to her surprise, she found two edible apple fruits in the boxes. This is when she realized that she has been conned into paying $1200 for two real apples instead of smart phones from Apple.



This is not the first incident where customers have been duped into buying stuff and that too at prices which they could never even dream of. People should be responsible enough to first determine the authenticity of the dealers before investing their hard earned money into something like this.

Apart from this, make sure that the product you asked for is the same that has been provided to you. Incidents like this should be an eye opener for the rest of us. Before splurging out your money, remember that it is your right to get your desired products.


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