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HP promotes Windows 7 PC at online store as “Back by popular demand”

In a surprising move, HP started to promote the Windows 7-based desktops and laptops instead of Windows 8 PC, naming it as “Back by popular demand!”



However, this is an unsurprising backlash to Microsoft and HP is also encouraging its users to go for a Windows 7 operating system over the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 with additional $150 of savings.

You can see the HP’s Windows 7 promotion all over its desktops and laptops section, even on the Shop HP homepage. Many systems are filtered with Windows 7 as default and Windows 8 as the optional filter, if the user needs to go for a customization. In all-in-one touch section, HP listed the Android device at first, and other Windows all-in-one’s comes next.

HP can be moving towards gaining back the PC market share, which has plunged down in front of growth of the smartphones and tablets. This step goes exactly in opposite direction of what Microsoft doing, as it has already discontinued the retail sales of Windows 7 discs and will be ending the support soon. Moreover, the support for Windows XP and Security Essentials also being discontinued on April 2014.

Microsoft is now reportedly working on releasing a much refreshed Windows 9 operating system, after the failure of its Windows 8 release. It tried to gain back the attraction from PC users by tweaking the OS with Windows 8.1 update, but still struggling to capture the market.


HP’s move reminds us of similar steps few years ago by many OEMs, where they were promoting the Windows XP over Windows Vista. Currently, HP started the trend to promote the old Windows 7 OS, just wait and watch for similar approach by other PC manufacturers such as Asus, Toshiba, Acer and others.

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