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Folowing Mega, Kim Dotcom launched Baboom music streaming service

The person behind the already shut down Megaupload.com, Kim Dotcom has revealed the new music streaming service, Baboom and provided limited preview of the service to the world by featuring his own debut album “Good Times.



Kim Dotcom already launched a “legal” cloud hosting service called as Mega, which is attracted by huge number of users. He mentioned that the Baboom service could act as a spotify and iTunes together with smoother interface and overall design. Baboom will not only feature only the music streaming, but also it will be featuring artist pages with bio, photo and video galleries. Surprisingly, download option also provided to download the free contents.

Similar to what Spotify, Rdio and other services doing, Baboom will also integrate social element to the service. Currently, the service is in beta stage as suggested by the limits, however, the service could feature the users to curate their own library for streaming as well as they can choose jukebox mode to listen to the random music.

Now, the homepage of the Baboom has a form, where early adopters including the artists can provide their email address to further updates on the service. However, we can also see that the company is now giving away $15,000 for the Good Time contest winners, where users can participate with their videos and remixes. Thus, we can conclude that the Baboom will be focusing not only audio, but also music videos.

Kim Dotcom is trying to get back into the internet world after the U.S. government shut down his Megaupload, two years ago. He is still remains on bail for series of offenses related to the Megaupload service. But, exact one year ago, he launched another cloud file storage service called as Mega at mega.co.nz, and now turned his eyes into the music industry.

Mega has already launched the sync client apps for Windows desktops, Android and iOS. The sync client for Windows Phone, Mac and Linux is yet to be released. However, the users could also use the Mega Firefox and Chrome extensions for syncing until then.

Still, Baboom has a long way to compete against the industry leaders. Stay tuned on The Next Digit for more news and tech updates. Have your say in the comments field below.

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