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Samsung is developing a new UI for Android smartphones with Tiles

During the first week of this month, the popular Twitter “leakster” account has revealed 3 screenshots of the Samsung’s new smartphone user interface and the leakage continues as the fourth screenshot also surfaced today, which reveals the Tiles-like widget on homescreens.

Samsung is trying to, either bring in a new UI or refresh the TouchWiz UI design and here is the proof. @Evleaks leaked the South Korean smartphone-maker, Samsung’s next generation UI screenshots, which shows that there will be many design changes in next set of mobile phones and may be on tablets too. Samsung will only introduce this UI first, before the launch of any new device. There is a chance that the new TouchWiz UI could be launched along with the new devices on MWC even on February 24th.


If you closely watch the user interface of Android operating system running phone, the refreshed design seems to be slightly toned down and more rounded than current TouchWiz. The lock screen shows a “directions” widget as well as the weather widget and the theme seems to be turned into the popular flatter design as we can see in the iOS 7.

However, the homescreen widget taught us that the widget, which is related to the map, directions, location and all these based social sharing can be swiped up for more visible tiles, such as in Windows Phone smartphones. It looks like the swiping right or left in the homescreen will move to the next page ad swiping up could lead the widget to show more tiles. The second screenshot revealed is not an actual screenshot taken from device, but it could be the company’s internal screenshot f whole list of tiles in the widget, which can be viewed after swiping up on homescreen.

There were rumors surfaces, which suggests the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be launched at the MWC event, but the recent updates reveals that the company could launch the flagship in its separate launch events to be held at New York or may at London, simultaneously. The early leak of the software also points that the Samsung will be introducing the new interface on its flagship smartphone and the days are not far away.

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