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“Steve Jobs” author Walter Isaacson praised Google for innovation for Nest deal, which is important than Apple-China Mobile deal

Walter Isaacson, the author behind best-selling biography, “Steve Jobs,” which is about the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said that Google is more innovative than the Apple.

walter-isaacso-likes-googleThe statement from the person who had access to insider information of Apple Inc. than any other outsider is quite alarming for the Apple fan-boys. He also noted that Google’s buying of Nest is far more important than Apple’s deal with China Mobile for selling iPhones.


In last December, Apple made a deal with world’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile to sell iPhones and iPads. Until this month, the carrier avoided the Apple products for many years, despite its competitors were selling iDevices, such as China Unicom and China Telecom. Currently, Chinese smartphone market is dominated by Google’s Android devices from Samsung, HTC, Huawei, ZTE and other local players, where Apple tries to gain some traction.

You should not forget that China has already announced its government sponsored China Operating System (COS) to avoi what they consider as the foreign software monopoly by Apple iOS and Google Android. In long term, that could do some damage to not only the American tech giants, but also some new aspirants such as Firefox OS or Jolla’s Sailfish mobile OS.

But, Isaacson said that the Google’s Nest acquisition is far more important because of the sensor-driven, Wi-Fi enabled, programmable, self-learning thermostats and smoke detectors’ integration with Google’s existing services and products such as Maps, location sharing, browsers, operating systems, robots (Google acquired robot-maker Boston Dynamics), social network, car navigation systems and streaming devices.

He appreciated the move from Google, especially “acqhiring” Nest CEO Tony Fadell to Google and said it a greatest innovation. Fadell was in the Apple’s team behind designing the first few generations of iPods before founding his own company with other co-workers.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO has announced the company’s new year resolution as its “Big plans of 2014,” we have to wait and watch how could the Cuppertino-based Apple will turn the things around. But, the rumors suggests that the “Big Plans” refers to the possible large screen Apple products such as 12-inch iPad, large screen iPhone or Apple TVs.

[ Source: CNBC ]

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