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COS – China Operating System unveiled against iOS and Android “Monopoly”

China has revealed COS (China Operating System) a new mobile operating system to break the foreign software monopoly, targeted at Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile OS.

china-operating-system-on-smartphoneShanghai Liantong and ISCAS (China’s Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences) jointly developed the COS mobile OS, which is based on open source Linux platform and looking at the demo video, we can easily view the influence of HTC and its Sense 5 UI on the new OS with functions like Android. If HTC is behind this tech, then it’s looking for a recovery starting from China.


When launching the operating system, the ISCAS head criticized Android and Windows Phone OS over poor security, while Apple’s iOS was criticized over closed ecosystem.

COS will not only work on smartphones, but also on set-top boxes, tablets, televisions and could also work on the multimedia and gaming devices too. Many Android apps are shown in the COS demo video, that could also means all Android apps will work on the COS platform too.

Meanwhile, Apple will sell its iPhones from tomorrow onwards in the country partnering with the China Mobile, but there are millions of custom Android phones are produced in the Mainland. It could also possible that China bans other OS and force its citizens to use only COS on their devices as it does in many fields for what they consider as a foreign monopoly.

Just for your information: Jolla’s Sailfish OS intended to increase its user-base in China and this news could set them back for certain level.

Watch the demo video of China Operating System below:

[ Source: people.cn (Chinese) ]

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