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10 million overall Samsung Galaxy Note devices sold in South Korea

Once again, Samsung has happily revealed one of its milestones in South Korea and said that the South Korean smartphone-maker has sold over 10 million Galaxy Note smartphones, that includes Note and Note 3 as well.



It was in 2011, when Samsung has launched the first generation giant Galaxy Note phablet with stylus and later continued producing the phablets and in 3 years, it has achieved 10 million sales, despite meeting with lot of criticism over its size. However, now all other smartphone makers are following Samsung to bring their own version of giant screen handsets and Apple also reportedly bringing the giant-screen iPhone 6 in this year.

Although there are many branded phablets available today in the market, but the Samsung’s exclusive S Pen stylus and the most popular TouchWiz UI over the Android operating system makes the Galaxy Note 3 as the number one phablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 alone surpassed the 10 million sales globally in first 3 months of its launch. Globally, the first 2 generation Note devices has reached the 38 million mark and after the releasing of 3rd-gen Noote smartphone, the numbers reached above 50 million mark.

Meanwhile, as a part of celebrating the 10 million sales in South Korea, Samsung will be giving away some cool prizes for its domestic customers from January 17 through February 7. Our South Korean readers can go to Galaxynote-10million.co.kr to learn more details and participate in the event.

[ Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean) ]

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