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Finally, Radionomy confirms the Winamp acquisition from AOL

Online radio stations’s gallery, Radionomy has officially confirmed that it has acquired the Winamp and Shoutcast from AOL, which was supposed to shut down on December 21st.

winamp-playerFinally, the recent speculations of Winamp’s acquisition by Radionomy is meant to be a true news than only the rumor. We noticed the changed DNS nameservers of Winamp.com to that of Radionomy.com at early-January. However, the rumors of Microsoft’s interest on the 15-year old legacy is dead now, but it might have tried to get its hands on the service. AOL acquired Nullsoft in 1999 along with one of its products, Winamp.


The price details regarding the deal hasn’t revealed but AOL has took a stake in Radionomy as part of the series B funding round. Venture capitalists including Union Square Ventures and Bain Capital are the other stake holders, while MusicMatic remains the major share holder of the company.

Radionomy was launched in 2012 as a free service to generate radio stations online and currently, it has around 6K radio stations in its catalog with over 13 million unique listeners.

The company will be introducing the refreshed version of Winamp applications for Android and iOS in coming months and the company believes that the acquisition could help Winamp to increase 5-10 percent of user counts. Winamp, Never dies!

[ Source: Radionomy (PR Newswire) ]

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