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BMW shows off connected Galaxy Gear smartwatch app for monitoring cars

Th German car-maker, BMW has showcased its car-connecting app with Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and demonstrated the new features at CES 2014 event at Las Vegas.

bmw-smartwatch-app-ces-2014Despite having the Detroit auto show ahead, BMW has chosen Consumer Electronics Show to reveal the company’s next-gen automated and connected car features such as monitoring the car’s devices and diagnostics via a smartwatch on your wrist. However, BMW is not alone at CES, even Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Chevrolet also attended the event to bring the auto and technology together.


The company has demoed and linked Samsung’s latest smartwatch with its all new BMW i3 electric cars, where users can wear the smartwatch to monitor car’s battery charge status, appointments and departure time alerts based on the calendar schedule, push route details through the vehicle’s navigation system, control the climate inside the car before entering the car and to make sure the doors and windows are closed or not.

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz also developed the similar technology by the help of a smartwatch, but it has chosen Pebble smartwatch than Samsung’s and these app also can check fuel status, doors & windows status, hazard alerts etc.

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