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Switching to T-Mobile can give you $650 that includes early-termination fee

T-Mobile announced the important movement of its “un-carrier” strategy on Wednesday and said that the company will pay the early-termination fees for switching customers to T-Mobile from other rival carriers.

john-legere-t-mobile-ces-2014The customer has to trade-in their old devices with T-Mobile and sign up for its wireless service to become eligible for the early-termination fees pay out that can reach as high as $650. It seems to be $200 higher than what AT&T provides its users who switch from T-Mobile to AT&T along with the device trade-in.


T-Mobile CEO John Legere was teasing this plan since many weeks on Twitter and the company finally unveiled it at the CES 2014 press conference.

“Carriers like to make you think you’re just signing up for two years with their family plans, but with staggered expiration dates and early termination fees, they’re really locking you in forever,” said Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile.

Along with their smartphones or tablets, customers can switch to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice postpaid plan to get the instant credit that can rise up to $300 depending on the device condition and they can buy any of the eligible T-Mobile devices without any down payment. If the subscriber qualify, he/she can also opt for over 24 months of interest-free finance. When the switched user gets the final bill from previous carrier that shows the early-termination fee, they have to mail it to T-Mobile or upload it at www.switch2tmobile.com to get the fee refund by T-Mobile that can go up to $350 per line.


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