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Yahoo acquires “Aviate” dynamic android launcher app

At the Las Vegas’ CES 2014 event, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has announced that it has acquired the dynamic Android launcher app startup, Palo Alto-based “Aviate” to further integrate Yahoo into the homescreens as a predictive computing platform.



Paul Montoy-Wilson, co-founder of Aviate has the plan to further integrate the predictive computing platform to the launcher, which could also take around 10 years to become mainstream. Aviate first launched the app launcher, then released the homescreen replacement app to gather data and provide relevant information, apps and widgets.

The Aviate team (Will Choi – ex-member of Google front-end search team, Paul – ex- product manager at Android Marketplace and Mark Dais – Pupil Q&A app developer) wrote in the blog post,

“When we met with Yahoo, it was obvious how aligned our visions are. Yahoo, like us, is all about simplifying and streamlining users’ daily habits through intelligent and beautiful products. We see endless opportunities for how the two of us can work together. We can’t wait to take this next step.”

Yahoo wrote in its blog post,

“We hope to make Aviate a central part of our Android-based experiences in 2014 (and beyond), and we are committed to continued innovation on the product.”

While the Aviate app is currently in beta phase, Yahoo opens it to public for first 25K users who use “YAHOO” as the promo code. No information regarding the deal price received yet, but the core team would be working with Yahoo. Aviate app is available for download at Google Play Store.

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