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YouTube to stream Ultra HD 4K videos at CES 2014 booths

For the first time, YouTube will be demonstrating its Ultra HD 4K video streaming technology at CES 2014’s almost every manufacturers’ booths that produce Ultra HD streaming hardware, such as television sets.

youtube-ultra-hd-streamingThe move from YouTube keeps the manufacturers’ hope alive and it will encourage those companies to produce the next-gen 4K TVs. YouTube will be using the royalty-free VP9-codec technology, which will consume much lesser internet data than the current HD formats, hence no need to worry about the bandwidth usages.


UltraHD 4K videos will be the next high quality streaming and the technology will be mainstream by 2015. LG and Samsung already announced their several Ultra HD Smart TVs. LG will be releasing a massive 105-inch curved 4K smart TV along with 3 more flat 4K OLED TVs with their new WebOS experience, whereas the Samsung also announced a 110-inch flat Ultra HD TV along with the 105-inch curved 4K TV.

If you don’t have the 4K supported display, then also you don’t need to worry, because the use of VP9 codec will reduce the regular video’s data bandwidth to almost half. Francisco Varela, global director of mobile and platform partnerships at YouTube said that the technology will be completely ready by 2015 and VP9 codec decoding hardware for computers and mobile devices will be available by the end of 2014.

Currently, the popular browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and video players like VLC Media Players already implanted the VP9 codec decoders.


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