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Bye Bye Bump and Flock, Google kills its recently acquired photo sharing apps

Google will be killing its Bump and Flock photo sharing related apps and it will pull the apps from Google Play Store as well as iOS App Store, starting from January 31st, 2014.

google-bump-appDavid Lieb, CEO and co founder of Bump Technologies, who were the creator of these apps confirmed the news in its official blog post. Bump Technology was acquired by Google in last September and unsurprisingly, now it’s killing in just four months, as the search giant’s intention wasn’t continuing the service but to use the intellectual properties of Bump Technologies. Even the company almost stopped working on the apps, since the acquisition. Last major update was in February, which brought the ability to transfer files from phones to computers and vise versa, with 20MB restriction, that too before the acquisition.


As the company planned to delete the user data from January 31st onwards, it is advised to download and keep your important files somewhere else, before you loose’m all.

The previous Bump team will be working on some new undisclosed project within Google and we expect that they are building or integrating some new photo sharing features to Google’s own social network, Google+.

Previously, it was reported that the company was acquired for just $35 million, but the Bump itself raised the $20 million from investors. Steadily, Bump apps were downloaded in millions on Android and iOS smartphones.


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