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Netflix introduces $6.99 standard definition streaming plan

Netflix has introduced a new Standard Definition plan for those users who has slower connection, where the users can watch streaming videos for $6.99 per month.



Netflix, recently has got much attention by revealing its plan to stream Ultra HD 4K videos in 2014 along with releasing its trials for ultra HD TV owners. Now, the new decision could also bring in some money from the Third World countries, which also restricts watching the HD videos along with limiting the streaming to only one screen. But, if you subscribe for the $7.99 plan, you can go ahead on streaming to two screens simultaneously and watch HD or SD depending o your connectivity.

It also has a $11.99 plan, which will allow to stream on four screens simultaneously. However, the Netflix hasn’t revealed whether it will charge extra for 4K streaming. But considering the very small number of ultra HD TVs in the market, it seems that Netflix won’t charge extra for 4K streaming, as of now.

Regarding the SD 6.99 plan, the users need to have a minimum of 512 kbps internet connection and the Netflix recommends 1.5 mbps connectivity for standard quality, recommends at least 3 mbps for DVD quality video streaming, 5 mbps speed for HD streaming, 7 mbps for Super HD quality (including the ultra HD 4K streaming) and minimum of 12 mbps connection for 3D video streaming.

Netflix has recently launched its services in Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada and some part of Latin America. Now, it has also got some plans to expand to some more countries globally, especially in European countries.


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