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Rumor roundup – iPhone 6 release date and specifications

As the year 2013 comes closer to end, the rumors and speculations of next-gen iPhone 6 surfacing all over the web with their own theories and details.

gold-iphone-640x479Many of such rumors hints that the Cupertino-based Apple could launch a 6-inch phablet as iPhone 6 and the device could be released by as early as May 2014. Whatever the rumors may be, Apple has to continue the trend of releasing new iPhones every year as the competition from the Android phones are increasing.


Recently, we have covered the rumor that the iPhone 6 will come with a 5-inch display and the less chance of releasing a cheaper iPhone 6c, as the low demand for the current iPhone 5c in front of iPhone 5s’ overwhelming response.

Few reports claims that the next iPhone 6 could ship with the 20nm processor from Taiwan-based manufacturer. The chance of a curved or flexible display screen is far from reach to Apple, while the RAM increment could be as high as 3GB. However, Samsung has already revealed its 4GB DDR4 RAM for next-gen smartphones in 2014. It is expected to boast a display with curved-edge, not completely bent!

As Apple is forcing the app developers to build the iOS7-compatible applications, there will be huge update to the software-end, thus increasing the quality of the software as well as App Store and its applications. Could the recent entry into the Sapphire Crystal tie-up with GT Advanced Technology bring any changes to the device’s display? For the answer, we should wait until some more details surfaces with the proofs.

DisplaySearch analyst Davi Hsieh reported that the company could release 2 different variants of iPhone 6 smartphones based on display sizes – most likely, a 4.7-inch with 720p resolution and a 5.5-inch with full HD 1080p resolution. The key area should Apple look into is the camera part with whole lot of megapixels loaded into the next iPhone 6, rather than bringing modified-version of 8MP camera with some other sensors and processors.

Meanwhile, people are waiting for the release date of Apple iPhone 6 as well as the heavy competitor Samsung Galaxy S5 to compare the devices to make decision of a purchase. Both the high-end smartphones could collide with each other at few months of gap of release, possibly in Q2 2014.

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