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Google and Audi plan to develop Android based in-car entertainment system

German car maker, Audi and Google are likely to announce their collaboration in developing in-car entertainment systems and information systems in Las Vegas at Consumer Electronics Show next week.



According to the report, the companies would collaborate with leading chip makers including Nvidia for utilizing Android technology for future vehicles allowing users to use app, music, navigation and other services. Though Google had come with the idea of incorporating Android systems, car makers objected the idea fearing branding of in-car systems and protection of ownership.

President and CEO of Mercedes -Benz R&D, John Jungwirth had mentioned the idea of Mercedes plans to use an Android based system during a Mobile Summit Event. However, Mercedes seemed to have opted for iOS like other market leaders such as Honda, Volvo, Hyundai, Kia and Infiniti, who plan to utilize iOS  for their systems.

Earlier in June, Apple has announced plans for a new vehicle dashboard literally offering control over navigation, entertainment and other services. Audi has also partnered with Apple for providing infotainment services.

Audi has been focusing on car connectivity projects as the company as announced that 4G LTE connectivity will be available in the 2015 A3 sedan with plans for shared data plans between smartphones and vehicles. The report also added that Audi, Ford and BMW are likely to showcase their autonomous driving technology at the event.

Car makers are also working with mobile operators for offering Internet connectivity in the vehicles without the use of smartphone. Google is hoping to compete with Apple’s iOS services which are widely used by car makers currently.


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