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Samsung smart watch design leaked in Korean Patents

Samsung recently made its strong position in the smartphone market by launching Android mobile phones. The smartphones launched by Samsung are giving tough competition to Apple Smartphones. There are already rumors that Apple is going to launch iWatch which will be smart watch with iOS installed on it. Samsung is also going to launch smart watch soon and recently Samsung files the patent for their smart watch in Korea. From the patent the design of the smart watch was leaked and the design is available at many websites online.

Samsung SmartWatch


Moveplayer, one of the companies have revealed the design of the smart watch telling how the smart watch might actually look like. The patent was registered in between March and May and from the patent it was known that the smart watch will consist of Android Operating system and will consist of flexible display. Flexible display was also seen in the case of Apple iWatch from the patents registered by Apple.

So we can say that you are going to get flexible displays both in Apple iWatch and Samsung Smart Watch. Previously Samsung filed the patent with GEAR a well-known watch company but now there is no clue if Samsung and GEAR are going to work together on this gadget or not. We don’t know if Samsung is really thinking to launch the smart watch or nor as we are only making assumptions from the patent that is being filed but we can only say that if Samsung plans to launch a smart watch it might seem less familiar.

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